A Full Release has Appeared: Pokemon Tower Defense Full Version!

Fans of Pokemon Tower Defense should rejoice -the first full version of the game is already out. For the first time, all players will be required to use only one version of this impressive and super-fun to play tower defense game. Originally, players could choose to play some of the varying and older Alpha releases of the game. So with this new full version now out, what changes does it mean for players? Less bugs and more fun!

Yep, with well over a hundred fifty different Pokemon, more than double a dozen stages and literally thousands of players online, Pokemon TD is not a simple game. And when a game is not simple, it is prone to one of programming's biggest problems: bugs. Pokemon Tower Defense, despite its seemingly basic nature, has layers upon layers of important gameplay elements, and as expect, it is also suffering from its own major share of problems and issues -certain stages crash at specific waves, some Pokemon lose learned skills, achievements do not unlock properly -the list goes on and on. Well, not to mislead anyone, the game is already fun to pay even in its previous Alpha incarnates. Most of the bugs are negligible and the gameplay itself is very addictive. The release of a full version simply means that everyone's experience ingame is a little more standardized.

But just how good is this Pokemon TD game that it deserves so much attention? Pokemon Tower Defense manages to excel in two factors -and it is important to note that these two factors alone make it one of our favorite games.

First, is the fact that the game itself, based on Pokemon or not, is extremely fun to play. The concept of having only six (or less) towers per map and the ability to swap them around, change their attack behaviors and target priorities on the fly, during battle provides a very dynamic feel to the game. Also, the fact that enemy waves also attack the towers means that you have to keep an eye on the combat as it happens. Also, each tower (or rather, Pokemon) evolves when it gains enough experience points from kills, allowing it to learn new skills and abilities. For a tower defense game, these new elements make the gameplay more engaging for players, forcing to pay more attention to the action.

Second, is the fact that PTD makes such good use of its' Pokemon origins. The characters, settings, storyline, and of course, the monsters all appear true to form and style. If you are a fan of the original Pokemon games, it will be hard not to fall in love with this game. It pays plenty of attention to details that will pretty much convince you that this is as close to an official Game Freak game as possible. More importantly, however, is how the developers have integrated many Pokemon elements into the gameplay itself. Aside from the already inventive tower defense system, Pokemon combat factors have also been added in. Element resistances, Pokemon types, status effects and yes, capturing new Pokemon have all been added in. Randomized spawn chances for encounters provide that "hunting" element many players enjoyed in the original, particularly when waiting for that elusive "rare Pokemon has appeared!" notification -it is still here in the game, since the waves also get randomized too. This means that any player who comes in already armed with knowledge of the gameplay of the original Pokemon games will certainly enjoy a bit of an advantage in the Pokemon TD game.

Lastly, we have to admire the way SnD Games has been able to expand the world of Pokemon beyond what is already available in the series. The setting of the Tower defense game is set many years after the events of the original, providing the game with a bit of leeway in terms of establishing a story. And nothing expands the Pokemon experience better than being able to trade with other players. But instead of being limited to trading with those whom you can physically link up Gameboy (or DS) devices with, PTD provides players with the convince and connectivity of being online -allowing you to easily offer and trade Pokemon with thousands of other PTD players all over the world. And that, for a flash game, is a massive achievement that deserves much praise.


4.5.0 is published at our site, check it out now!

The next update has been finished with the game going to 4.2.0

4.1.0 has been published with the following updates:

  • Level Cap Increase to 45 (100%) - New Moves (4)
  • Level Cap Increase to 47 (100%) - New Moves (5)
  • Pokemon TD 4 is now available to play here.

    Pokemon TD 3.9 is released, updates include:

    • Vital Throw and Submission attack effects will now rotate more as intended
    • Submission will now un-fade your pokemon after the attack
    • New TM's including blizzard and solarbeam

    Pokemon TD 3.8.1 is published, updates are as follows:

    • Camper Mystery Gift Avatar
    • New Story Level - Route 8 - New training area with a new pokemon, Eevee!
    • Daily Codes - Go to the Pokemon Center once a day to get a chance at some amazing pokemon!
    • Bug Fixes:
      • Black area in Route 8 level Typos in Route
      • 8 ending

    Pokemon TD 3.7.1 is published with the following major updates:

    • Team Rocket Mystery Gift Avatar
    • New Story Level - Lavender Town
    • Added Girl Bug Catcher Avatar
    • Adding a sort by Level button for the storage
    • Making the "Super Effective" targeting option use the current move's type instead of the tower's type
    • Bug Fix - The Shiny Voltorb Quest will now accept Electrode and Pikachu at level 42 or higher.

    Pokemon TD 3.6.1 is released with some small updates including Shiny Quest Bug Fix.

    This game is continually under going updates with alpha releases coming out every couple of months. The current version as of 10th August 2011 is alpha version 3.4. Will will endeavour to keep up to date with the latest versions as they come out and publish the game here.